Kitchen are the heart of the home

The modern kitchen is where the master chef of the family and their loved ones gather for both wonderful fragrance,s and even better food.  Kitchen space should be functional for the use of the household.  Whether you are to serve a thanksgiving dinner with 30 guests, or just cooking for the family, it should be able to serve both needs seamlessly.   The kitchen is also the first and most important item used for a homes resale value and should be a reflection of the owner’s personality and creativeness.

As technology has brought in new and fun features to a kitchen, these fun new additions can help during longer stays in the kitchen.  From checking emails, to watching videos on the recipe you are trying to cook, technology has brought many helpful features into the kitchen.  Advanced Kitchen and Bath Designers can help make sure your kitchen takes advantage of all these new features in your renovated kitchen.

What is the concept of a Kitchen Work Triangle?

The Kitchen Work Triangle is a time proven way to and guideline to follow for your kitchen to provide ease of work, access to the sink and a short distance to the refrigerator.  This concept has been used in many kitchen designs to keep the chef’s of the household having each of these important features of the kitchen within easy reach and accessibility.

The formula for the Kitchen Work Triangle is: a straight line from the center of the sink, straight line to the center of stove, and then straight line to the refrigerator, finally ending in a straight line returning back to the center of the sink.

What are the rules of the Kitchen Work Triangle?

  1. The sum of the sides of the triangle should not be more than 26 feet.
  2. The work triangle should not cut into the island space by more than 12 inches.
  3. The kitchen sink should be placed directly across from the stove, and the refrigerator.

Advanced Kitchen and Bath Designer’s will ensure that your kitchen contains the most functional, affordable and attractive appliances for your space.  Our appliance recommendations will utilize the most current technology on the market today. This will include functionality that will help your family spend more quality time in the kitchen instead of the kitchen only being a place for food preparation.  Please contact Advanced Kitchen and Bath Designers today so we can help you with your kitchen remodel!

Client Testimonials

I was incredibly happy with the professionalism of John Dunn the head of this company. He was very
responsive to my needs in remodeling a hall bathroom. He provided complete estimates and checked in
daily to supervise the workers. He was very responsive to any concerns that I had.
The company was flexible in allowing me to use my own suppliers for lights and cabinets and did not
have an issue with allowing me to do my own painting work.

Barbara Taylor

Really awesome people and great service! I highly recommend them for any remodel

Annie Jones
Charlotte NC

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