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What are my kitchen sink options?

When you are remodeling your kitchen you have many areas of importance to focus on and one of those is the kitchen sink.  You have a large variety of options available.  Let’s take a look at what you can choose from so that you can decide which is best for your design.

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel kitchen sinks are perfect to place in a kitchen with all stainless steel appliances to help your kitchen flow together. Most importantly, stainless steel sinks are highly corrosion resistant to water, alkaline solutions, and chemical solutions. They will never go out of style, and are available in the styles of single bowl and double bowl drop in. The downside to installing these sinks is they can become scratched, dented and loose shine overtime.

Composite Granite

If you want to install a kitchen sink with a protective barrier against bacteria, scratches and high heat, the composite granite sink is the way to go. It comes in several colors to choose from to match your décor such as black, brown, white, and champagne. It’s also available in single or double basins.


Do you want a kitchen sink that adds pure beauty and durable enough for daily use?  The fireclay sink is your best option. Fireclay sinks can be used with garbage disposals and they come in the styles of double or single basin. The downside to a fireclay kitchen sink is you cannot go tossing dishes or other hard materials into it because it could crack or shatter and need repair or replacement.

Cast Iron

Cast iron kitchen sinks are heavy duty and look beautiful in rustic style kitchens. They typically come in only the color white, but can work with garbage disposal hook ups and are available in single or double basin. Overtime with these kitchen sinks, you may have to worry about rusting and spider cracking. Otherwise, this type of kitchen sink is perfect for washing almost anything and with proper care will last you a lifetime.


Stone kitchen sinks are outstanding to place in kitchens where you want to add a natural element or keep your kitchen appearing earth friendly. Stone sinks are durable and usually only come in single basin, but the good news is they do come in several shades. With that said, stone sinks are porous making them harder to maintain which is why a special sealant is usually required. The sealant typically needs to be applied once a year to maintain the beauty of this kitchen sink.

Solid Surface

If you want a kitchen sink made from one piece of material instead of multiple kinds than the solid kitchen sink is the way to go. The solid surface sink comes in all kinds of styles and colors, but is only made from one material, which is usually acrylic, but there are others such as porcelain, cast iron, granite and marble. Most can be used with garbage disposal hook ups, but the downside to this kitchen sink is if it becomes damaged, you have to replace the whole sink.


Perfect for rustic style or farmhouse kitchens are copper kitchen sinks. They come in all styles and sizes, and best of all they resist harmful bacteria making them one of the most sterilized sinks to use. Dishes can even fall into a copper sink without breaking do to the malleable material it is made from, which is why they are loved. However, overtime they do become greenish blue in color.

With all of the kitchen sink options available, it’s best to consult your designer to help you determine which material will work best with your kitchen design.



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